Rental FAQ

Who Can Drive & Where

• Over 24-year olds with a full driving licence • Up to 75-Year olds with a full driving Licence • Because this vehicle is classed as a private light goods vehicle, you need no special qualifications, its usable for all with a standard car licence • The Hire cost includes your insurance (more details of the insurance cover and policy are in the Insurance section which can be found on the Homepage) The Vehicle may be used for all countries in Europe, and is automatically insured to do so, even though you need to inform us so. The Motorhome will have the appropriate equipment & requirements for travelling within Europe.

Can I drive with a licence from outside the UK?

If you are from another Country and visiting the UK wishing to hire our Motorhomes you are very welcome to do so. Our insurers give you the same cover as anyone else. They do however reserve the right to not insure a handful of countries, But we will let you know within 48 hours of receiving the booking if there is a problem.

What are collection & Drop off times?

All handover days are return by 11.00am and collection is from 2.00pm… It maybe possible to have late drop off or early collection depending on whether vehicle is booked out, we are flexible when we can be.

What is included?

Just turn up with your clothes and we will ensure you are kitted up ready to go: • We will look after your car or collect you • Make sure the fuel tank is full • You have water in the van ready to go • A full gas bottle supplied with every hire • Power cable included • Water filling equipment included • All you need to get started • Full training given • And our Grocery delivery service is available to all Rentals

What is not included?

We have a selection of extras available in the booking section after you have selected your dates of travel. This section offers such things as Bike Rack, Bicycles, Full Awnings, BBQ and many more items. These items are not 100% needed but are available to enhance your holiday. We do advise the following though: If you are travelling to a ‘One Destination’ for a holiday, then yes, it’s nice to have all the extras, its nice to have a large weatherproof awning giving you extra space & storage, but it takes a while to set this all up, but also well worth it. But should your holiday be travelling to different destinations you really want to be travelling as light as possible, so we recommend less extras rather than more. Some of the extras are free.

What do I need to bring with me?

This depends what you order in the extras, for example, you can turn up with just your clothes and we will take care of the rest for you, but you would of need to of ordered such things as bedding and towels. We hire these out at a minimal cost and there is only one charge for as many peoples bedding required, and the same with towels, we supply enough for all travellers at one price.

What is this grocery delivery all about?

Picking up your Motorhome and then have to go shopping in it can be a pain. We offer the service of having your supermarket shop delivered to us and we will put it all away for you……. Ready to Holiday! Of course, you are also welcome to bring your own supplies. We do recommend a majority of your drinks are better bought nearer to your destination as this may affect the amount of luggage you can carry.

Are pets allowed?

No – sorry!

Are the motorhomes smoke free?

Yes – we do not allow smoking in our motorhomes or awnings.

Can I take the vehicles to a festival?

We do welcome the use of our vehicles for festivals. The motorhomes are supplied with carpets as standard but we will change the motorhome to a hard floor for festivals – please inform us if this is your intended use.

Is there a mileage limit?

All our vehicles have a very generous allowance of 1000 miles per week included in the price. Obviously if you had the vehicle for 2 weeks then your mileage allowance would be 2000 miles included. Any miles above your allowance will be charged @ 50p per mile.

What if we break down?

In the unlikely event of a breakdown, all our vehicles have breakdown cover for both UK and Europe.

Why choose Roadtrip Rentals?

We are Motorhomers ourselves and understand everything that you want. We put ourselves in your shoes, and give our customers what we would want for ourselves. Our location is also perfect for getting to Europe, the South and the West Country.

Do I need a second gas bottle?

Your Motorhome will come complete with a full gas bottle free of charge. Should you run out of gas you can always exchange for another one when out and about, but depending on how long you are away sometimes a second can be handy to ensure continuous use of your facilities, we can advise on this, so please ask.

Why hire and not buy a motorhome?

The initial expense of a motorhome whether it be a new or Used is a big expense. Any Motorhome owner will tell you the value of a Motorhome only goes down. On top of this they are very well known for very high maintenance bills, plus the added bonus of Insurance, Tax & MOT. And then most Motorhomes sit on driveways for 11+ Months of the year. You also have the storage of it, and these days unfortunately the worry of it being stolen. Of course owning one is also nice and we all get quite attached to our Motorhomes, but being practical, Rental is a much cheaper and less hassle option for 2/3 trips a year.

How easy is it to use a motorhome?

All our Motorhomes are easy to drive with all the usual features such as Power Steering, reversing cameras, etc etc. But using all the features in the back end such as hot water, heating systems etc is what scares people… We make the lot easy for you, all our systems are simple to use, we give full training to you, and only leave you when YOU are happy and ready for your trip. We also have simple to use instruction manual in all the vehicles, and we are always on the end of the phone most times 24/7.

Can we have additional drivers on the insurance?

Yes, you can add additional drivers to the insurance policy. There is a charge, so please just ask us and we'll get quote for you.

What documents will I need to hire a vehicle?

We are guided by our insurers who ask for the following. As a standard they ask for: • Driving licence • 2 x home bills that match address • And a licence check consent

Do the motorhomes have automatic transmission?

No – we only use manual gearboxes. We do this as we believe driving is more fun with a manual and its also better on fuel economy.

What security deposit do I have to leave, and when will it be released?

An Insurance deposit is due on the date of the hire. This is equal to your rental cost, but no more than a weeks rent. It is not actually taken on the booking date, but a hold put on your credit card.

How much is refunded if I cancel?

The deposit is refundable for 7 days after booking as this gives you a chance to have a think. After this, it is not refundable. The full balance is due 28 days before rental date, and a refund of 50% of the whole booking is refundable up to 4 weeks before rental start date.

Are your motorhomes safe?

All our Motorhomes are regularly checked by approved engineers and are all fitted with carbon monoxide and smoke alarms.

How often are the vehicles cleaned?

They are constantly looked after and cleaned thoroughly between rentals