Winter Motorhoming

In the UK

Some of the best Road Trips can be during the winter Months, the UK has so many nice places to visit, and not just for the summer. Its cheaper to with discounts over the winter on all our Motorhomes, we offer 20% off everything, including our Add-Ons, the campsites are cheaper to !! There is less traffic on the roads and the campsites are more available and not so busy.

Its lovely being in the forests or a coastal location, wrapping up & going for a crisp winter morning walk. Then sitting in one of our Motorhomes with the TV on, roast in the oven, the central heating on, looking out of the window at the outside elements. Relaxing Snug times !!!

Beautiful stunning Wales is very popular in Winter, and so is Scotland. In Scotland you have the NC500 which is a pre-planned route taking you all round the best of the Scottish Coastline, very popular with Motorhomers. The lake district offers stunning trips and scenery, and great trips in the south such as the ‘New Forest’

And you don’t have to go too far to find a nice little getaway.  We are based in Sussex and have a great selection of local campsite. There is Sumner Ponds near Horsham, it has great fishing lakes, lovely walks, an on-site bar/restaurant, the most amazing shower block, a village shop and Pub. Lots to do locally and once on the campsite you could be anywhere your imagination takes you.

All within a couple of hours of Calais

Our Location offers easy access to a wide selection of Ports to Europe, picking one of these ports, ‘Calais’, easy to get to with ferries or the Channel Tunnel. Within less than 2 hours drive of Calais there are some great places to visit: ‘Arras’ is a lovely town, packed with history, especially WW1, it features great town squares, cathedrals, tunnels, hundreds of restaurants & bars and great shopping. Nearby you have the famous battles fields of ‘Vimy Ridge’ and heart felt memorials to the lost soldiers. Really worth a visit to Arras & it has dedicated Motorhome parking right near the town centre with electric hook-up. Hard to get a booking during the summer, but available very easily during the Winter !!

Some other great destinations near Calais is the City of Lille, so much to do, a large city with great history, shopping and amazing Christmas Markets. For Coastal getaways there is the lovely seaside town of Le Touquet, miles and miles of Sandy beaches, a great golf course, Casino and a town packed with amazing shops, restaurants and bars.

Or how about arriving in Calais and travelling up to Belgium, within 2 hours you have the incredible town of ‘Bruges’, what a place this is, romantic, very old buildings, canels, markets, shopping, drinking, eating, castles, you name it, Bruges has it. And just as lovely is the Belguim city of Ghent, you can lose yourself for days in this stunning city. And if you like your WW1 history, this place is surrounded with battlefields and memorials, don’t miss the town of ‘Ypres’

More in Europe

The point of a Motorhome is that the world is at your disposal, well Europe anyway !! Destinations like Switzerland’s mountains, Italy’s Lake Garda, and Norways town of Bergen have always been top attractions, but some new up and coming places are currently very popular. Places like Croatia, Slovenia, Croatia, Hungary & Montenegro, offering many more un-touched tourist locations and cheaper prices to.

Winter Sun

Just because its raining in the UK doesn’t mean you cant get a tan !!! How about a little ‘Winter Sun’ with a trip to Spain or Portugal !! Lots of places to go, but great adventures on the journey down through France. And if you don’t fancy the driving down, Portsmouth Port is 90 minutes from our location, where you can get the ferry direct to ‘Bilbao’ Spain !!!

Motorhome Skiing

Many ski resorts are now accommodating Motorhomers. The have dedicated parking with Electric Hook-up points, some with bus stops nearby, the Ski busses will take you to the Lifts and back. Even Scotland has facilities for Motorhome skiing.