Who can drive and where?

  • Over 24 year olds with a full driving licence can drive the ‘Economy Motorhome’. The Luxury Motorhome is insured for over 30 year olds, however, our insurers will quote you a little extra if you are under 30 and want to hire the Luxury Motorhome.
  • Up to 75 Year olds with a full driving licence
  • Because this vehicle is classed as a private light goods vehicle, you need no special qualifications, its usable for all with a standard car licence
  • The Hire cost includes your insurance

The Vehicle may be used for all countries in Europe, and is automatically insured to do so.

If you are from Overseas

If you are from another Country and visiting the UK wishing to hire our Motorhomes you are very welcome to do so. Our insurers give you the same cover as anyone else. They do however reserve the right to not insure a handful of countries, But we will let you know within 48 hours of booking if there is a problem