COVID-19 Policy

We offer a 100% full refund should Government prevent the use of Motorhomes due to Covid-19. This has been described by Government as ‘no non-essential travel allowed’.

If you fall ill yourself with Covid and cannot travel, this would be covered by your travel insurance and not us, and therefore we suggest you take out adequate travel insurance to cover this.

Our Covid Policy only covers travel in the UK and covers all the UK government policies. But we do not cover outside of UK with our policy. Travel outside the UK is subject to government guidelines, and is covered by our vehicle insurance, but not this COVID Policy.

To help reduce the spread of the virus, we will not be supplying Bedding & Towels regardless of whether this is stated on the website – please bring your own. We can assist with requests for bedding if you are visiting UK from abroad, as we appreciate bringing bedding from far away is not possible.