Security Deposit

What is this & how does it work.

A security deposit is taken on the day of collection, it is taken by means of a ‘Pre-Authorisation’ on a credit card. Meaning the money on that day is not taken, we just put a hold on the money for the rental period plus a few days after for the vehicle inspection. As soon as the vehicle has passed our returns inspection the deposit is immediately released.

In the event of an accident or damage

During the renal period the vehicle is your responsibility, just like it is with any rental company. Damage to the vehicle or damage by accident is paid for out of the security deposit. The insurance excess is equal to the security deposit.

In either event of damage or damage by accident is repairable cheaper than the security deposit, we will take out this amount, and refund the balance. We will always get you out of your situation by cheapest means possible.

In the event of BOTH damage to the Motorhome and damage by accident.

We will always pay for the Damage to the motorhome first out of the deposit. Then you will be liable for the damage by accident, meaning if there is enough left in your security deposit to get fixed the damage we will use it, and if not you are liable for the difference, to make it back up to the amount of the insurance excess.

Security Deposits:

Burstner Luxury 744: £1250

Mid-Sized McLouis: £750

Full-Sized Mirage 5000: £750

Combi Pack, Burstner + BMW RT1250R: £1750

Bike Trailer: £100

Camping Trailer: £50