We offer a 100% full refund should Government prevent the use of Motorhomes due to Covid-19. This has been described by Government as ‘no non-essential travel allowed’.

If you fall ill yourself with Covid and cannot travel, this would be covered by your travel insurance and not us, and therefore we suggest you take out adequate travel insurance to cover this.

Our Covid Policy only covers travel in the UK and covers all the UK government policies. But we do not cover outside of UK with our policy. Travel outside the UK is subject to government guidelines, and is covered by our vehicle insurance, but not this COVID Policy.

To help reduce the spread of the virus, we will not be supplying Bedding & Towels regardless of whether this is stated on the website – please bring your own. We can assist with requests for bedding if you are visiting UK from abroad, as we appreciate bringing bedding from far away is not possible.

In the UK

Some of the best Road Trips can be during the winter Months, the UK has so many nice places to visit, and not just for the summer. Its cheaper to with discounts over the winter on all our Motorhomes, we offer 20% off everything, including our Add-Ons, the campsites are cheaper to !! There is less traffic on the roads and the campsites are more available and not so busy.

Its lovely being in the forests or a coastal location, wrapping up & going for a crisp winter morning walk. Then sitting in one of our Motorhomes with the TV on, roast in the oven, the central heating on, looking out of the window at the outside elements. Relaxing Snug times !!!

Beautiful stunning Wales is very popular in Winter, and so is Scotland. In Scotland you have the NC500 which is a pre-planned route taking you all round the best of the Scottish Coastline, very popular with Motorhomers. The lake district offers stunning trips and scenery, and great trips in the south such as the ‘New Forest’

And you don’t have to go too far to find a nice little getaway.  We are based in Sussex and have a great selection of local campsite. There is Sumner Ponds near Horsham, it has great fishing lakes, lovely walks, an on-site bar/restaurant, the most amazing shower block, a village shop and Pub. Lots to do locally and once on the campsite you could be anywhere your imagination takes you.

All within a couple of hours of Calais

Our Location offers easy access to a wide selection of Ports to Europe, picking one of these ports, ‘Calais’, easy to get to with ferries or the Channel Tunnel. Within less than 2 hours drive of Calais there are some great places to visit: ‘Arras’ is a lovely town, packed with history, especially WW1, it features great town squares, cathedrals, tunnels, hundreds of restaurants & bars and great shopping. Nearby you have the famous battles fields of ‘Vimy Ridge’ and heart felt memorials to the lost soldiers. Really worth a visit to Arras & it has dedicated Motorhome parking right near the town centre with electric hook-up. Hard to get a booking during the summer, but available very easily during the Winter !!

Some other great destinations near Calais is the City of Lille, so much to do, a large city with great history, shopping and amazing Christmas Markets. For Coastal getaways there is the lovely seaside town of Le Touquet, miles and miles of Sandy beaches, a great golf course, Casino and a town packed with amazing shops, restaurants and bars.

Or how about arriving in Calais and travelling up to Belgium, within 2 hours you have the incredible town of ‘Bruges’, what a place this is, romantic, very old buildings, canels, markets, shopping, drinking, eating, castles, you name it, Bruges has it. And just as lovely is the Belguim city of Ghent, you can lose yourself for days in this stunning city. And if you like your WW1 history, this place is surrounded with battlefields and memorials, don’t miss the town of ‘Ypres’

More in Europe

The point of a Motorhome is that the world is at your disposal, well Europe anyway !! Destinations like Switzerland’s mountains, Italy’s Lake Garda, and Norways town of Bergen have always been top attractions, but some new up and coming places are currently very popular. Places like Croatia, Slovenia, Croatia, Hungary & Montenegro, offering many more un-touched tourist locations and cheaper prices to.

Winter Sun

Just because its raining in the UK doesn’t mean you cant get a tan !!! How about a little ‘Winter Sun’ with a trip to Spain or Portugal !! Lots of places to go, but great adventures on the journey down through France. And if you don’t fancy the driving down, Portsmouth Port is 90 minutes from our location, where you can get the ferry direct to ‘Bilbao’ Spain !!!

Motorhome Skiing

Many ski resorts are now accommodating Motorhomers. The have dedicated parking with Electric Hook-up points, some with bus stops nearby, the Ski busses will take you to the Lifts and back. Even Scotland has facilities for Motorhome skiing.

You are able to select the following ‘Add-Ons’ on the booking page when you have chosen your rental vehicle. We give you more !!! Every price you see below is for the duration of your trip, so if you booked a 2 week trip you only pay the price you see below. Pay just once.

  • Outdoor Table and Chairs (free)
  • Water Barrel (free)
  • Electric Water Barrel Pump (free)
  • ‘Kampa’ Full Air Awning (£99.00) Gives you a whole new space, takes a little time to erect so if you are staying in one place, very worthwhile, but if you are travelling around on multi-stops, it is not recommended.
  • Annex for Air Awning (£29.00) This is an extra room that zips onto Awning, used for extra storage but also comes with inner tent with built in Ground Sheet so can be used as a tent, but within the safety of your Awning.
  • Travel Cot (4 Months – 2 Years) (£19.00)
  • Travel Pod (0 – 4 Months) (£14.00)
  • Travel High Chair (6Months – 1.5 Years) (£15.00)
  • Cadac Gas BBQ (£35.00). The best camping BBQ on the market, folds down small and comes with both BBQ Griddle Plate & Chef Pan ideal for Fry-ups & Risotto’s and many other dishes.
  • Deluxe Outside Table (£25.00), seats up to 6 persons
  • Luxury Recliner Chair x1 (£20.00), more than one available, Very comfortable chair, and reclines to all most a flat position for napping or catching the rays !!
  • Child Seat (9 Months – 12 Years) (£19.00) More than one of these available
  • Gents Bicycle – Great Bike, light alloy, 21 gears good all rounder ‘Hybrid’ (£35.00)
  • Ladies Bicycle – Great Bike, light alloy 21 gears good all rounder Hybrid (£35.00)
  • Bicycle Rack Holds 1 – 4 Bikes (£20.00) Free if you hire bicycles from us.
  • Bedding (£22.00) This includes bedding for as many of you travelling, we will ask you at a later stage how many people are travelling.
  • Towels (6 Piece Bale) (£8.00). We give up to packs of these for the one cost
  • Awning Carpet (£20.00)

The initial expense of a motorhome whether it be a new or Used one is a massive expense for most pockets. Any Motorhome owner will tell you the value of a Motorhome only goes down. On top of this they are very well known for very high maintenance bills, plus the added bonus of Insurance, Tax & MOT.

Most Motorhomes sit on thier driveways for 11+ Months of the year. You also have the storage of it, and these days unfortunately the worry of it being stolen. Of course owning one is also nice and we all get quite attached to our Motorhomes, but being practical, Rental is a much cheaper and less hassle option for 2/3 trips a year.


We make everything easy for you. Here’s what’s included:

In addition to the following which is all included we have another section Called ‘Our Add-On’s’… In this section you can view our other accessories, some of which are FREE. You can select the Add-On’s when in the Booking section of the vehicle you have chosen to rent.



Full Gas bottle

Full set of cooking equipment


Wind-out Awning



Ice Trays

Electric Hook-up Cable

Selection of DVD Movies

Board Games

Salt and Pepper Pots

Outside tables and chairs also included as standard

Full Training Given

Generous 1000 miles/week allowance

At Roadtrip Rentals, we are committed to maintaining the privacy of our website users and customers. Our website features a booking form where we ask for information from you that is required to take a booking – and we want to reassure you that we won’t share this personal data with any 3rd parties.

We also don’t use your data for any additional marketing communication unless we acquire your permission. You can unsubscribe from the mailing list using a link in the footer of any email you receive. If you are on our mailing list, you can expect to receive occasional emails about our vehicle hire service. We only receive data directly from forms you submit – there are no other types of data collection happening on this website.

Bookings are read and replied to by the either the company directors. The personal data that you provide when submitting a booking are stored privately.

At any time, you have the right to view the data you have submitted, or request that we change or erase our records. You may do so by emailing: contact@roadtrip-rentals.co.uk

  1. In this agreement the following terms shall have the meanings hereby respectively assigned to them;

DRIVER: The hirer and/or other persons named as such overleaf or any other person specifically approved by the Lessor to drive the vehicle during the duration of this agreement.

ACCESSORIES: The spare wheel, tools and other items with which the vehicle is supplied with and any other replacements.

RENTAL PERIOD: The period from the date and time stated overleaf until the re-delivery of the vehicle into the physical custody of the Lessor

RENTAL CHARGES: The hire charges for the rental period in accordance with the Lessors current tariffs.

  • The hirer acknowledges that;
  • The vehicle is fit for the hirers purpose and is in good condition and undertakes to return it and its accessories in the same condition, (fair wear and tear accepted), to the site on the date due back.
  • The hirer has received the vehicle free from defects or damage (as indicated on the damage check sheet) and the Lessor has no liability in respect of injury, loss or damage arising from the use of the vehicle. Nor shall the Lessor be liable for any damages arising from defects or mechanical failures, which are not attributable to any breach of the manufacturer warranty or any warranty implied by the law to take reasonable, care or exercise reasonable skill.
  • The hirer is responsible for the number of passengers carried in the vehicle in conjunction with seat belts law.
  • During the rental period the hirer shall keep the vehicle and its accessories in his or any approved drivers possession and free from legal processor lien and when not in use is adequately protected and secured.
  • During the rental period the vehicle shall not be used:
  • For towing any vehicle, trailer or other object, unless approved by Roadtrip Rentals ltd as indicated on rental agreement.
  • In any manner which might render or void the insurance policy or other contact of insurance
  • For any illegal purpose or in contravention of any affecting the vehicle, its use or construction.
  • By any person who;
  • Is not licensed to drive the vehicle
  • Is younger than the age of 24 or over the age of 75
  • Is younger than the age of 30 or over the age of 75 on the ‘Luxury Motorhome’ Model
  • Is under the influence of drinks or drugs
  • Has given a false name, age or address
  • Has not been approved by the lessor as a driver
  • Has been convicted of a motoring offence and the details of which have not been disclosed in writing to the lessor at the commencement of hire
  • Or taken outside of England, Scotland or Wales without prior consent.
  • We do allow vehicle outside of the above, we just need to be informed
  • The hirer agrees to pay on demand
  • Rental charges for the entire hire period (early return does not warrant refund of hire charges)
  • Any appropriate excess waiver or personal accident, personal effects or goods in transit, insurance fees and refuelling and miscellaneous charges
  • The excess amount in respect of each incident resulting in damage to or loss of the vehicle, its accessories or any other property left stored or transported in or upon the vehicle
  • In addition to insurance excess the hirer in still responsible for damage caused to the vehicle which is not covered by insurance, such as breakages and items missing or damaged.
  • All fines and court costs incurred in relation to the vehicle by the hirer or Lessor from the commencement of the rental until the vehicle is returned to the lessor, except where caused through the fault of the lessor.
  • Any value tax local or other taxes payable in respect of any of the above.

On payment by the hirer of the excess waiver fee the hirer will not be liable to pay the excess amount. This cover is optional. Notwithstanding such a fee the hirer will be responsible. For the payment of the access amount if the loss or damage to the vehicle or accessories arises from negligent, or wilful action of the hirer or any other driver. Your liability for the windscreen chips, cracks or kerbed tyres is not waived by the excess waiver.

The hirer will be liable for any damage, fair wear and tear accepted, caused to the vehicle during the rental period up to a maximum amount as required and promoted in our standard tariff incriminating up to £1000 per vehicle. Such deposit will be refunded to the hirer upon the vehicle being returned to the lessor in the satisfactory to the lessor in accordance with these terms and conditions. The expression ‘fair wear and tear’ has its ordinary meaning but does not include such items as the following; burns, rips, upholstery and carpet stains, missing tools, damage to lamps, bumpers, parcel shelves, locks, switches, tyres and glass.

The hirer and any driver shall;

  1. Ensure compliance with terms, conditions and limitations of the insurance policy(s) which shall be deemed to be included in this agreement as if the same were fully set out herein;
  2. Inform the lessor immediately of any loss or damage to or fault developing in the vehicle
  3. At the request and the cost of the lessor permit to be done in his own name all acts and things.
  4. Indemnify the lessor against any loss incurred by reason of any breach of this agreement by the hirer or any driver
  5. Ensure the maximum payload and individual axle plated weights are not exceeded
  6. Be responsible for loading and unloading of the vehicle
  7. Obtain or maintain any necessary operator license
  8. You must declare any points or convictions or disqualifications in the last 5 years or any pending.
  9. You must declare and Motoring Insurance Claims fault or non fault in the last 5 Years or any pending.

The hirer and any other driver shall not;

  1. Be the agent or servant of the lessor for any purpose
  2. Make any claim for the loss of or damage to any property left stored or transported in or upon the vehicle.

The period of the hire as specified on hire agreement shall not be exceeded without the lessor’s express authorisation in writing and in any event the period of this agreement shall not exceed 3 months.

If the hirer does not comply with any of these conditions, he shall return the vehicle to the lessor immediately and pay to the lessor on demand any loss it suffers in respect of the hirers noncompliance, failing which the lessor shall be liberty to retake possession of the vehicle and all costs and expenses incidental to recovery of the vehicle shall be paid by the hirer to the lessor on demand.

Any addition to or alteration of the terms and conditions of this agreement shall be null and void unless agreed upon in writing by the parties.

Nothing in these terms and conditions shall be deemed to exclude or restrict the lessors liability for death or personal injury resulting from negligence or any of the liability of the lessor which cannot be excluded as a matter of law.

Notwithstanding clause above the hirer shall compensate the lessor in full on demand for any loss it suffers as a result of any damage, fire or theft to or of the vehicle including loss of revenue to the lessor for the period during which shall remain unavailable for rental by reason of such matters and any claims made by any persons in respect of the vehicle whilst it is in the hirers custody.

The hirer/renter is liable for all damage caused to the vehicle while it is on hire to that person

All Hires of our motorised vehicles are subject to a ‘Insurance Excess Deposit’ The amount varies between each vehicle and is clearly shown on the link on booking page. This is done on the day of the hire. However the lessor (Roadtrip Rentals ltd) use your credit or debit card for pre-authorisation, and therefore do not actually take money from your account. The money will be held until satisfaction from lessor that none of our terms and conditions have been broken.

8.7 Roadtrip-Rentals Limited sometimes uses ‘DayInsure’ or other such like insurance companies as well as their own, this depends on the renter and the circumstances. By signing this agreement, you allow Roadtrip-Rentals Limited to book insurance for you on your behalf and you agree that Roadtrip-Rentals Limited have the permission to share your information which is required by the insurance company relating to this rental.


9.1 The Renter agrees that the Deposit/Excess can be used for both insurance claims or all other deductions stated in the rental agreement

9.2 In the event of damage caused to the Motorhome ‘as well’ as an insurance claim made, the cost of the damage is taken out of the deposit first. Then any shortfall of the insurance excess is payable by the Renter/hirer.

The security deposit taken by Roadtrip-Rentals Limited is for both damage caused and insurance excess, the deposit does not mean it covers all damage and insurance excesses, it is a ‘deposit only’, and further payment may be due depending on what damage has been caused and what each policy excess is due. Every hire excess can be different and is available on request.

The lessor generally endeavours to complete this within 3 working days but can take up to seven days in certain circumstances.

A security deposit is taken on the day of collection, it is taken by means of a ‘Pre-Authorisation’ on a credit card. Meaning the money on that day is not taken, we just put a hold on the money for the rental period plus a few days after for the vehicle inspection. As soon as the vehicle has passed our returns inspection the deposit is immediately released.

In the event of an accident or damage

During the renal period the vehicle is your responsibility, just like it is with any rental company. Damage to the vehicle or damage by accident is paid for out of the security deposit. The insurance excess is equal to the security deposit.

In either event of damage or damage by accident is repairable cheaper than the security deposit, we will take out this amount, and refund the balance. We will always get you out of your situation by cheapest means possible.

In the event of BOTH damage to the Motorhome and damage by accident.

We will always pay for the Damage to the motorhome first out of the deposit. Then you will be liable for the damage by accident, meaning if there is enough left in your security deposit to get fixed the damage we will use it, and if not you are liable for the difference, to make it back up to the amount of the insurance excess.

Security Deposits:

Burstner Luxury 744: £1250

Mid-Sized McLouis: £750

Full-Sized Mirage 5000: £750

Combi Pack, Burstner + BMW RT1250R: £1750

Bike Trailer: £100

Camping Trailer £50

Refunds due to cancellation of booking are as follows:

  • Cancel within 7 days of booking Date 100% Refund
  • Cancel up to 4 weeks before rental period start date 50% Refund
  • After this period zero Refund

Money is payable to the lessor at time of booking, this can be a deposit of 25% or full payment. In the event of paying a deposit the remaining 75% is due to be paid in full 28 days before start date of hire period. 

Mileage allowance

All our vehicles have a very generous allowance of 1000 miles per week included in the price. Obviously if you had the vehicle for 2 weeks then your mileage allowance would be 2000 miles included. Any miles above your allowance will be charged @ 50p per mile.

Smoking in our vehicles is strictly FORBIDDEN… Any evidence found that smoking took place in our vehicles, the deposit will be non-returnable.

Pets are also forbidden in our vehicles, evidence of this happening will mean £250 non-refunded out of deposit for cleaning plus any further costs incurred repairing any damage.

…and we will load it into your Motorhome

If picking up your Motorhome and then immediately needing to stock the fridge & cupboards sounds like a pain, we’re here to help.

Of course you are welcome to bring your own supplies, but we do offer the option of having your grocery shop delivered to us and we’ll pack everything away for you in your Motorhome.

We do recommend a majority of drinks are better bought nearer to your destination as this may affect the amount of luggage you can carry.

  • Over 24 year olds with a full driving licence can drive the ‘Economy Motorhome’. The Luxury Motorhome is insured for over 30 year olds, however, our insurers will quote you a little extra if you are under 30 and want to hire the Luxury Motorhome.
  • Up to 75 Year olds with a full driving licence
  • Because this vehicle is classed as a private light goods vehicle, you need no special qualifications, its usable for all with a standard car licence
  • The Hire cost includes your insurance

The Vehicle may be used for all countries in Europe, and is automatically insured to do so.

If you are from Overseas

If you are from another Country and visiting the UK wishing to hire our Motorhomes you are very welcome to do so. Our insurers give you the same cover as anyone else. They do however reserve the right to not insure a handful of countries, But we will let you know within 48 hours of booking if there is a problem